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5 Items to NEVER Wear

And we’re back!

I’m super pumped to share my first ‘Style Secrets with Megan’ video of 2015 avec toi!

As I mentioned last week, this topic is a little controversial. Whenever I bring up this specific topic when working with a client, or during a speaking engagement to a room full of women, I get a lot of confusion, panic, and even negative feedback.

Why do I then discuss this topic? Why is it worth stirring the pot over?

And more importantly, what is this topic??

Glad you asked :)

In this week’s video, I am going to share with you, “The Top 5 Items You Should NEVER Leave the House Wearing…and maybe never even own!”.

I feel compelled to share this top 5 list with you, for the following reasons…

*“New Year, New You”, right?? How can you become your most stylish self this year if you don’t know what items to toss from your closet?

*My goal when working with my clients is to help them become smarter shoppers (aka don’t spend $$$ on items that aren’t right for them). I’d love to help you do the same thing!

*I promise it’s not all about what not to wear! In the video, I will also share with you the more stylish, and equally as comfortable, items that you can replace these ‘fashion faux-pas’ pieces with…no need to panic!

Time to get down to business, and release my Top 5 List of the items you should never leave the house wearing

Making big changes is all about baby steps, right? This week I invite you to replace just 1 of the items on the ‘No’ list, with 1 of the more stylish items that I suggested in the video.

Cheers to a stylish 2015!

Yours in Style,


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