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A Fresh Spring Face

One of my fabulous friends just so happens to also be my favorite makeup artist-pretty nice right?!  So I sat down with freelance makeup artist, Christopher Magidson to talk a fresh spring face, including his TOP 5 Spring Makeup Tips.  And of course we had to show you how to take your spring face from day to night using my all time favorite makeup brand, Laura Mercier, oh yea with me as the guinea pig. Enjoy!


Christopher’s TOP 5 Spring Makeup Tips:

1. Ditch the heavy foundation

As the weather warms up, your foundation should lighten up.  Change out your fuller coverage makeup for a lighter weight foundation or tinted moisturizer.  Too much foundation or a heavy foundation can make you look older than you actually are.  If you still have spots or blemishes you need to cover, use a little bit of concealer on those spots, but not all over.  As long as your skin is taken care of and well hydrated, the more natural skin you can see, the better.

2. Go easy on the under eye concealer

While this may seem like an oxymoron, let me explain.  First and foremost, make sure your under eye area is well hydrated. Concealer applied to dry skin will make it look even dryer.  When applying your under eye concealer, rather than starting with a big glob, work in light layers.  Apply a small amount of concealer only where you need it and lightly press into the skin with your finger.  This helps warm up the concealer, allowing it to blend better.   Continue to add light layers of concealer until you’ve gotten the coverage you desire.  Layering the pigment like this will prevent your concealer from looking heavy and caked on.  Finish with a light, I repeat LIGHT dusting of a translucent or brightening powder to help set your concealer and keep it put during the day.

3. Shimmer can be your friend or your enemy.

Shimmer adds emphasis.  It can add a youthful glow to the skin and open up the eyes.  However, that doesn’t mean you need to put it all over and look like a disco ball.  Apply a small amount to the inner corner of the eyelid and the brow bone to instantly wake up and open up the eyes.  For a more mature woman with heavy or wrinkled eye lids, stick to matte shadows, as too much shimmer can emphasize lines.

4. Open your eyes

Brows frame the face.  Filling in brows and curling your lashes can make the eyes look bigger and younger.  Use a brow pencil or powder to softly fill in sparse brows or give them more shape.  When using a pencil, use short strokes in the direction that your brows naturally grow — this will help it look more natural.  When it comes to eyeliner, too much can make the eyes look smaller and older.  To keep the eyes open, apply eye liner to the top lid only and as close to the lash line as possible.  This will keep the eyes looking more open while also make the lashes look thicker.

5. Don’t be afraid of a little color

If you’re not used to wearing color, try easing into it with sheer products such as a lip gloss or sheer lip color rather than a more opaque cream formula.  For the cheeks, try a soft pink powder or cream blush lightly on the apples of the cheeks, these will look most natural.  Black mascara, eye liner and 1 or 2 neutral eye shadows are all you need on the eyes for a clean, simple but polished look.

Alright here we go…A Fresh Spring Face from DAY to NIGHT!

Fresh Spring Face

Step One: Chris used Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer on my face-a great light weight foundation for spring.  He then used Laura’s hydrating foundation primer under my eyes, along with secret camouflage in an ‘as needed’ basis.

Then on to one of my all time favorite products-the secret brightener!  It give your face instant ‘oomph’ when used underneath the eyes and in the inner eye area!

Laura Mercier

Step Two: Chris then applied another one of my favorite products-Laura Mercier’s eye primer, basically a way to keep your eye shadow on all day!  Then he applied the new Laura Mercier baked eye color in ballet pink all over the lid for a great spring day look.  Then he lined the eye with plum riche tightline cake eyeliner.  And of course some full brown volume mascara.

For my cheeks he used orange blossom along the cheekbones only-and make sure to blend! No streaky lines please!  For a glowing look he applied dune bronzer all over my face.

Lastly, for my lips Chris used the naked lip pencil followed by rosy lip glace for a natural day look.

Laura Mercier

C’est fini for the fresh spring face day look!

Spring Face

Step Three: To take my look from day to night…Chris applied black karat into my eyelid crease, as well as under my eye as smudged eyeliner.  Not too much though-you don’t want to look like you have a black eye!

Step Four: For the lip, Chris mixed pink diamond and bare beige lip glaces for that natural yet glossy spring lip!

Step Five: And finally, he applied one of Laura Mercier’s newest and most fabulous products-universal powder with a fan brush!  This powder is awesome!!  It not only sets your makeup and takes away shine BUT it literally seals in your makeup all day for a flawless look.  It is the powder of choice for news anchors because it makes your skin look divine!

Laura Mercier

C’est fini for my fresh face spring night look!

Where to get Laura Mercier??

»The Laura Mercier counter at Saks Fifth Avenue, The Summit, Birmingham, Alabama: (205) 298‑8550

»Christopher Magidson for freelance makeup sessions for weddings, galas, or other events: christopher.magidson@gmail.com

Hope you learned a thing or two!  I’d love for you to leave a comment below dishing your favorite spring makeup tip, favorite product, OR anything you learned today!

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