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Must Have Accessories

I’d like to ask you a quick question…  

Do you fall into one of these 2 categories?

Option 1: You have countless jewelry boxes brimming with accessories.  You very rarely get rid of anything so you have a hodgepodge of costume jewelry, some fine pieces, but mainly, a lot of stuff you don’t ever wear.  All in all this makes selecting jewelry for your outfits overwhelming, or maybe you have your go to pieces that are starting to feel overused.

Option 2: You have very few accessories.  Perhaps because you just don’t know what to buy, or what you need.  Accessorizing seems like a foreign language to you, thus making you feel like your outfits are often ‘incomplete’.

Every day I see these accessorizing dilemmas with my Style Coaching clients.  It may not seem like a big deal, but accessories can make or break your outfit, not to mention accessories are an easy and affordable way to express who you are!

In this week’s “Style Secrets with Megan” video, I will share with you the must have accessories to have in your jewelry box.  

Your style action step this week is to review your accessories–do you have these must haves?  If not, add them to your shopping list.  And most importantly, have fun!

Have a stylish week!

Yours in Style,


P.S. Speaking of accessories, here are 2 of my past videos on how to actually wear your basic pieces!  Click here to learn how to layer necklaces, and click here to learn how to stack bracelets.

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