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What’s In Your Bag

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love to be nosy and learn about other fashion lovers favorite products!  So let’s take a peek inside Laura Kathryn boutique owner and fashionista, Leslie Pittman’s bag.  Here are her ‘must have items’ that she never leaves home without….

Leslies Whats in Your Bag

1. B low the belt leather fringe handbag 2. Planner 3. Calleen Cordero wallet 4. Tiffany & Co. glasses 5. iPhone 6. Chanel lip glosses & lipstick 7. emi-jay hair tie 8. Hollywood Fashion Tape 9. Trish McEvoy Luxe Moisture Balm SPF 15 10. ‘Diane’ Diane von Furstenberg travel size perfume 11. Almay black eyeliner 12. Notepad 13. Aleve 14. Pen 15. Highlighter 16. Bottega Restaurant matches

Leslies close ups

Leslies close ups

What to show off what’s in YOUR bag?? Contact megan@southernfemme.com.

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