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Clothing Care 101

If, like me, your clothing is like family to you, then you want to take very good of them. Once you have found these investment pieces, it’s important to know how to care for them as it will save you possible trips to the dry cleaners and keep them lasting longer. These 5 quick tips, tricks […]

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How to Wear a Denim Jacket 3 Ways

The denim jacket is one of my favorite foundational items; it helps pull outfits together and goes with almost anything.  And thankfully it is back in style with a vengeance and is a workhorse in my wardrobe. When I work with clients, many times they fall into one of two categories: the basics or the personality-pieces […]

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Style Tips I’ve Learned from My Mom

Mothers. They teach us strength, grace and beauty of so many forms. Over the years, my mother who I would describe as effortlessly chic instilled in me many valuable beauty and style lessons. Some of her tips I may have not understood until later in life; while others, I learned from simply observing her. She was a […]

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Skirt Styles for All Ages

Skirts took a hiatus for awhile, but now they are making a comeback!  This I am thrilled about as I help clients create outfits for the spring and summer season.  We are seeing more skirt options in stores again for casual wear, dinners out and special events.  Easy, breezy.… they are a fun and chic alternative to shorts and […]

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Travel Outfit Inspiration

The warm weather always gets me excited about traveling! It must do the same for my clients as this time of the year is extra busy helping them create outfits and packing successfully for these lovely trips . (Anyone guilty of packing their entire wardrobe?) But what do you wear on the way to your long […]

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