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How to Wear a Scarf Stylishly

With every new season, I encourage my Style Coaching Clients to assess their wardrobes and clean out what no longer serves them, especially dated items. This helps eliminate closet clutter and allows them to see what items they really own. As we gear up for fall, the one item that I adore that helps bring […]

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My Go-To Nighttime Routine

The way you start and end your day are equally important. However, nighttime routines are often neglected or even non-existent for some. From your skin to your overall mental health, an effective nighttime routine can make all the difference in the quality of sleep you are getting every night. (Raise your hand if you need […]

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My Week of Transition Weather Outfits

What’s a girl to wear when the calendar says it’s fall, but the weather isn’t exactly cooperating with your desire to wear your favorite cozy sweater? This time of the year can be tricky for getting dressed. With my style tips and personal outfits below, you can  “look” like fall while still being comfortable in […]

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The Right Way to Wear Metallic

It’s versatile. It’s chic. It’s a touch of glamour in your everyday life: it’s metallic! You can count on this trend being around this fall, and one thing is for sure, metallic is for any age. But how do you wear it in a way that suits your personal style? My simple, stylish tips will […]

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Your Nail Questions Answered

As a Style Coach, I work with clients in achieving an overlook that reflects their personality, body type and age. Clothing is not the only aspect we discuss. Other topics that we often tackle are skincare, makeup and even hairstyles. With the assistance of my expert friends (makeup artists, estheticians, etc.) and my years of […]

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