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More Style, Less Stress: Healthy Eating

I have a quick story for you… I was in a client’s closet this time last year chatting about winter clothes, tall boots, and holiday party ensembles.  All things fun and fabulous. But then real life hit us both like a ton of bricks.  She received a phone call during our session from her doctor that her recent blood […]

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Magic Wand

By: Laura Foster I love nail polish. Not just because it’s a quick fix when I feel the need for change, but it’s the little pop or extra color that can really express who you are regardless of office environment. Growing up, my school had a very strict dress code, which often impeded my personal […]

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Inner Beauty

Recently I was shopping with a style coaching client who after years of hard work had lost over 100 pounds!  She is truly an inspiration.  But even with her ‘new’ body, she was being hard on herself in the fitting room about her legs being too short and stocky. When she looked in the fitting […]

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Beauty from the Inside Out

This past Memorial Day weekend, I enjoyed a day lounging by the pool with my husband and friends.  It was unbelievably relaxing, but pesky thoughts kept popping into my head… …do my thighs look big? are my arms toned enough? does my tummy look pudgy? These negative thoughts had the ability to really make me feel insecure […]

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Petit Mode

People ask me how can I be stylish, how can I be elegant & what can I wear? My only answer is to study! You have to learn.”-Prada Fashion campers getting their nails done at Halcyon Days Salon and Spa! Growing up, it was important to my mother that my sister and I learn how to […]

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