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How to Travel in Style

Bonjour from Paradise!   I’m writing to you from the peaceful and beautiful island of Nevis! My husband and I have created this wonderful tradition of taking a week long trip in January to beat the cold and celebrate our anniversary.  It’s also the perfect way to unwind & regroup after the holidays.   Last week […]

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More Style, Less Stress: How to Pack

Are you traveling this holiday season? With all of the other tasks on your to do list, I’m guessing the last thing you want to or have time to think about is packing for yourself. Little less think about how to look effortlessly chic wherever your travels may take you. I personally have a trip to […]

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10 Best Shopping Destinations

As a Style Coach, it is obvious that shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.  But something I love almost as much as shopping is traveling!  How do I travel in style without stress?  With the help of the amazing agents at Brownell Travel!  From our honeymoon in Bali, to our anniversary trip in Nevis, to […]

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Petit Mode

People ask me how can I be stylish, how can I be elegant & what can I wear? My only answer is to study! You have to learn.”-Prada Fashion campers getting their nails done at Halcyon Days Salon and Spa! Growing up, it was important to my mother that my sister and I learn how to […]

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Packing Pro

With the wedding over, we now have the honeymoon to look forward to!  Bali here we come! Now to prepare for the 15+ hour flight (omg!), I’ve gathered together my ‘travel must haves’.  So whether you are traveling for the upcoming holidays, or simply just want some much needed R&R at home, here are some items […]

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