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Megan’s Top 5 January Sales

Two words: January Sales!  I have been awaiting this time like a child does on Christmas morning.  “Are you really talking about shopping now that the holiday season is over?!” you are probably asking. Why, yes! Yes, I am! But now that your shopping is over for all your loved ones, let’s focus on you. […]

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My Top 5 Style Steps for 2018

New year, new you — how many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have you secretly wanted to make a few changes, maybe even attempted but found yourself in the same rut, especially when it came to your wardrobe. I’m an optimist! And as a true “the glass is half full” type […]

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What to Wear New Year’s Eve

If you haven’t caught on to a theme here on the blog, then I’ll fill you in! I love to plan ahead! And I wouldn’t call myself super Type A either (or High C if you love Myers Briggs). Hey, I’m a creative! However, over the years when it comes to my own and client outfits, I […]

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How to Wear an Oversized Sweater

The oversized sweater is both a popular and cozy trend. But how do you pull this look off without looking too slouchy? These style tips below will help you in achieving a flattering AND chic look. (And hey, you’ll be super warm, too!)   Photo Credit: Photo 1, Photo 2   Photo Credit: Photo 1, Photo […]

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Holiday Edition: My Weekend of Outfits

Who else longs for the weekends after a busy work week? During this time of year, the weekends become busier, but the fun kind! From shopping for presents to various holiday parties, my calendar keeps getting fuller (and I actually love it!). Dressing for these occasions do not have to be tricky as long as […]

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