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Megan’s Five Favorites

I have a confession to make. I hope I’m in a safe place to admit something very serious.Okay.… are you ready? I love shopping! I shop a lot.… like A LOT. I may be a shopaholic! Hi, my name is Megan. All kidding aside, I really do shop a lot, almost every day but not for […]

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Five Outdated (Must Get Rid Of) Items

Poodle skirts, stonewashed jeans… okay, those are obviously outdated items. Crop tops? Bell bottoms? Is your head spinning yet? Fashion tends to come full circle, and over the years, you may have been glad you didn’t get rid of certain pieces as they made their way back onto the scene. It can be daunting to […]

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Your Style Guide Directory

As a Style Coach, I work with women of all ages, body types, and lifestyles to help them look and feel their best. And I love being able to go one step further and connect with my stylish community through my free style guides. These guides are a source of quick style tips, outfit layouts, outfit inspiration, […]

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My Weekend of Outfits

While I’m a Style Coach and love to look great on the go, I’m human, too, and there’s nothing I love better than kicking back in my Uggs at home after a hard day’s work. I’m not a size zero, I have curves, and I don’t dress in head to toe designers, BUT because I’ve learned how to […]

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What to Wear Labor Day Weekend

Are you heading out of town for the Labor Day Weekend or planning to stay in the city for a relaxing weekend at home?  Whatever your festivities or location for this upcoming long weekend, I have hand-picked the perfect outfit inspiration (and be sure to read till the end as I have a little something extra just […]

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