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Powerful Habits of a Confident Woman

You go, girl!” “Rock it!” “You got this!” How many times have you said or posted something like this to a friend? We often don’t have a problem giving affirmation or compliments to one other, but do we authentically embody self-confidence in ourselves? I work with women of all ages, body types, and career paths, and the […]

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Successful Women are Stylish

I often hear from my Style Coaching clients that work in historically male dominated fields, like medicine, tech, law, and finance, that it can be challenging to find the right balance between being feminine, stylish and even colorful and looking intelligent, powerful and professional. They want to express their personal style and feel like themselves […]

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Summer Outfits: Inspiration to Reality

When working with my amazing Style Coaching clients we talk a lot about how to get out of a style rut.  One of my favorite ways to dial in some inspiration, and start making some fresh outfits (aka get out of your ‘uniform’ and kick your rut to the curb) is by taking inspiration images […]

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Summer Dresses for Every Figure

A dilemma many woman face daily is how to dress for their unique silhouette, BUT the problem stems from the fact that they most likely don’t even know their actual body shape. Knowing what to wear and what to avoid for your body type can make all the difference when shopping, putting together outfits, and […]

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How to Wear the Swimwear Trends

It’s finally swimsuit season and with that can come a mix of feelings.  Dread of wiggling back into your old bathing suits, and hope that this year you’ll find that “perfect” suit that serves you well all summer long.  Why not go ahead and skip the dread feeling, and spruce up your swim attire this […]

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