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Tee-Time’ in Alabama

Alabama has become a wonderful lil hub of ‘green’ fashion designers.  From Natalie ‘Alabama’ Chanin to Earth Creations to newcomer Zkano…to most recently, the University of Alabama Apparel & Textile Design students. In honor of Green Week at the University, the students were given t-shirts to create new & fabulous garments for an event called […]

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A Sustainable Collection for a Modern Day Jackie O.

Dress from the Isoude Spring 2010 Collection So many words swirled through my mind upon seeing designer Katie Brierley and her modern day elegance collection, Isoude:  classic, chic, Grace Kelly, true luxury, rich and luminous colors and that is just the beginning of what she and her line exude.  I had the pleasure of chatting […]

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Thinking Green, Seeing Green, Shopping Green

Image courtesy of http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36866967 Have you ever thought about what happens to the plastic bag you mindlessly toss into the waste can?  Well, I have and I think avid shoppers like ourselves should think twice before letting the cashier put our purchases in the antithesis of eco-friendly, the plastic bag.  Read on to hear what […]

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Who would have ever thought a muddy bike ride in Alabama would inspire a phenomenal & innovative sustainable clothing company…oh the wondrous ways the universe works!  Earth Creations is the brainchild of Joy & Martin Ledvina that began over 10 years ago after Joy realized the mud from her bike ride was NOT coming out of her shirt.  […]

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