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Style in Your 50’s, 60’s, & Beyond!

Almost all of my clients over 50 tell me the same thing when we start talking about their wardrobe and personal style. They feel uninspired…stuck in a rut…uncertain about their purchasing decisions…and ultimately they just feel inclined to throw in the towel and give up. Often they tell me at one point in their life they DID feel confident in […]

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How to Dress: 40’s

Do you sometimes feel uncertain if you are dressing appropriately for your age? Does it feel like you just don’t know where to shop for your age? Do you worry that you look like you are “trying too hard” when you get dressed? If you’ve had any of these thoughts then guess what– you are a normal […]

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How to Dress: 20’s & 30’s

I hope you’ve been having a fabulous past few weeks since we last talked!  It’s been busy here at our style headquarters getting our VIP clients ready for the summer heat, AND it’s been beyond inspiring working with our amazing new Style Yourself Chic ladies!  In just a few weeks these ladies have seen incredible results!  Here’s […]

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How to Travel in Style

Bonjour Stylish Femme! Are you gearing up for a spring break trip? Or if you’re like me and you sadly don’t get a spring break, then hopefully you are currently planning a summer getaway or two! I know I cannot wait to travel this spring and summer to destinations near and far To help you travel in […]

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Professional + Stylish

Not too long ago I was working with a style coaching client and she told me a very intriguing story, one that elicited a big ‘ah ha’ moment for both of us… My client Sara and I sat in my office getting to know one another over a cup of tea. Something I always ask my […]

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