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How to Dress: 40’s

Do you sometimes feel uncertain if you are dressing appropriately for your age?

Does it feel like you just don’t know where to shop for your age?

Do you worry that you look like you are “trying too hard” when you get dressed?

If you’ve had any of these thoughts then guess what– you are a normal woman!  I hear these 3 thoughts all of the time from my clients, so you are not alone!

But now the bigger question is how do you stop these thoughts, and gain the confidence to know you are dressing beautifully for whatever stage of life you are in.

In comes my new ‘Style Secrets with Megan’ video series covering this exact topic!  Last week I shared how my fabulous femmes in their 20’s and 30’s can dress appropriately for their age.  If you missed that simply click HERE.

And this week is the 40-something’s turn!  Watch and learn how to never look like you are trying too hard, and exactly where to shop in your 40’s:

Need some visual inspiration to ensure you are dressing for your age??  I encourage you to check out my Pinterest board just for the 40-something femmes!  Fashion is such a visual language so I know this board will help guide you to look and feel your best.

See you next week where I’ll discuss how to radiant chicness in your 50’s and beyond!

Yours in Style,


P.S. Not in your 40’s??  I’d love for you to share this blog post with someone you know enjoying this decade of her life :)

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