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Eidé: The Adventure Issue

by: Laura Foster, Southern Femme
When first seeing Eidé: The Adventure Issue, I was struck by the strong cover image and composition. Not weighted down with a myriad of headlines like most magazines today, instead the ‘Adventure’ issue chose to let the articles speak for themselves.


















The magazine boasts a few fashion spreads.  My favorite being “Motion Picture” (pg. 112–121) featuring the Atlanta Ballet’s Thom Panto and Ben Stone. The spread explores the art of exercise, while capturing energy in every snapshot. Yes, in the past wearing workout clothes as a daily uniform has been shunned, but if you were this graceful and looked this amazing while exercising, I think we would all be inspired to go to the gym more. While we are making leaps and bounds in athletic fashion, it all comes down to lines in design, ballet, and in life. “The shapes, the movement must prevail. All athletes need cloth to match their grit; the very fiber of self-confidence that suits up the modern-day gladiator…”.

Scanned Image 61

This issue, seems unabashedly dedicated to those who seek risk and dare to reinvent themselves. Whether it in the individual profiles such as “Roll On” and “Sacred Space”, to articles inviting the readers to reinvent themselves in “A Brief History of Skydiving: Form and function at 14,000 feet” or for those like myself, not yet ready to take that leap (or rather dive of faith), to spice up their makeup in “Natural Selection.”

Scanned Image 62

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The diverse articles, beautiful photography, and playfulness of the staff (see page 15 and  below) offers up a unique platform for those who create Eidé and for those who they create for. Hoping that their readers will reinvent by inspiration, as Tova Gelfond, the Editor in Chief and Creative Direction, says, in her ‘Letter from the Editor’, “Pursuing a meaningful existence — now that’s an adventure. Because the real cliff jumping is living your life.”

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To snag an issue for yourself click here for a list of distributors in your neighborhood!

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