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Faux-ing” It Up

So I promise this is my last post about jumpers & rompers but I wanted to discuss another option I think is great that doesn’t even involve forking out the extra money to purchase one of these trendy pieces-“faux jumpers”!  Outside of the Prado Museum in Madrid I saw this chicly dressed woman dressed in a jumper-or at least I thought it was a jumper!  Turns out when I looked very closely it was actually a pair of black pants & a black tank (both pieces need to be the same shade-very very important to pull off this look).   The oversized waist-cinching brown belt is the finishing touch to create the illusion of this on trend item.  So try it yourself!

Faux Jumper” Cheat Sheet: Tank+Pants(flarred leg is best & make sure the top & bottom are the same shade no matter what the color)+oversized belt+70’s inspired accessories (gladiator flats, platform wedges, satchel bag, statement earrings &/or stacked gold bangles).

Faux Jumper outside of the Prado Museum

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