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How to (really) LOVE your Look this Fall

Can you believe it’s already fall?  Are you feeling a little stressed about pulling out your fall wardrobe to wear this season?  Well, if you want to know the few items you need to keep yourself looking current and chic this season, or even if you are ready for a complete wardrobe overhaul to give you that new ‘look’ you’ve been craving….

I’ve got something for all ages, body types, AND styles you don’t want to miss out on!

…If you feel like you’re style isn’t current or just isn’t ‘you’, or you’re not sure what your style is…

…If you often are frusturated getting dressed OR shopping because nothing fits like it should, and your current wardrobe isn’t as flattering as you think it should be…

…If you’re dreading the plethora of holiday parties you are going to have to attend because you have no idea what to wear…

…If you feel bored with your makeup routine and want to learn how to EASILY take your look from day to night.

Then you are invited to an exclusive Style Seminar at the fabulous Saks Fifth Avenue!

In this 3-hour experience you will:

*Learn how to determine your personal style (YES you have one!) thru my foolproof method, thus making shopping and getting dressed daily 110% easier AND more enjoyable!

*Discover your real body type and have a cheat sheet guide to the perfect shapes, cuts, and even accessories for your specific shape.

*Create a ‘go to’ Lookbook of holiday outfits for EVERY occasion from office parties, to family gatherings, to black tie galas.

*Learn how to PROPERLY apply the right makeup for your specific age, style, and skin type by my FAVORITE makeup artist.  Includes a personal consult (without the pressure of being at a makeup counter)!

*Have one-on-one time with me to ask any and all of those style questions you’ve been dying to know…be it the latest fall trends & which ones are right for you OR even how to step up your look at work to get you the promotion you’ve been striving for!

Here’s your invitation:

NEW Invite

I hope you take this opportunity to focus on YOU.  As women we get busy and caught up in our work, kids, friends, significant others, and just life.  But in order to continue being the fabulous woman that you are I encourage you to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some fashion, beauty, and food in a non-judgmental, come as you are, fun-loving environment!

I hope to see you in a few weeks! And don’t forget to register today for one of the sessions by just emailing me at

Yours in Style,


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