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Jackie O’s Hair Care Secrets

Having curly, fine hair makes good hair days few and far between. So when vacationing in Cashiers, North Carolina I was introduced to the BEST hair product I’ve seriously ever used.

One word. Phyto.

Phyto Logo

The history of the brand is pretty phenomenal too.. Mr. Ales started the brand in 1956 in Haute Provence, France when he merged his 2 loves, plants and hair. He was quite innovative too!  His products were ‘green’ before sustainability even became a huge movement/trend AND he created a ‘sun screen’ for hair in the 1970’s long before that was considered important.

When he opened his salon in Paris (that’s still open today!) he had quite a client base. Jackie O and Catherine Devenue are just 2 of the ladies that appreciated the gift of Phyto. It is known that Jackie O actually wore a lot of hair pieces because her hair was so thin…until she used Mr. Ales hair elixir! It is a rich oil that cleanses the scalp and allows for new hair to grow!

Mr. Ales

Image of Mr. Ales courtesy of Phyto’s websitePhytocyane

There are so many great products in the Phyto line, a product for every hair type, from frizzy to aging to fine. Check out which product is right for your hair type, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

You can find these fab products on Sephora’s site, Angel Hair in Crestline Village, or Ross Bridge Spa & Salon.

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