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A Little Janspiration

By: Laura Foster

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” — Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables by: L. M. Montgomery

It’s 2014. We’re a couple days in and most people are still talking about their resolutions, their struggle to keep them, or their complete abandonment of them already. The thing is while I love the idea of a new year with a clean slate and endless potential, I despise the notion that the only time you can remake is at the beginning of a calendar year. I’m also a bit of a romanticized realist and I believe it’s perfectly acceptable to reinvent yourself whenever and wherever you desire at any point in your life regardless of where it falls in the 365 days in a year.

Fashion is all about reinvention, remake, and revitalizing. Whether it is the reappearance of a popular collar like the peter pan collar (one of my personal favorites!) or designers drawing inspiration from Hollywood’s 3D film craze and adding dimension to the fabric we already live our lives in. So here’s to a life well lived, dreams realized, and a more stylish year!

Here are a few of my favorite things that are inspiring me so far this season: “The new spirit of the spring collections is vibrant and joyously iconoclastic—a triumph of personality over perfection and experimentation over timid trend-following that makes 2014 the year of dressing dangerously.”

more-is-more-1_144422904956more-is-more-2_144425604987 more-is-more-3_144426752677 more-is-more-4_144427189853 more-is-more-5_144428162108 more-is-more-6_144429400781 more-is-more-7_144429250714 more-is-more-8_144430144320 more-is-more-9_144431957472 more-is-more-10_144423644804 more-is-more-11_144424953136 more-is-more-12_144425693551More Is More: How to Wear the Spring 2014 Collections. February 2014.Vogue. photographed by Craig McDean.

More Is More: How to Wear the Spring 2014 Collections

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