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Joie De Vivre

I’m ready for the next step in my style journey.

What is Joie De Vivre

Joie De Vivre quite simply means: the exuberant enjoyment of life.
And isn’t life far too short for anything less?!

It’s time for you to up-level your style knowledge, so you can feel free to dress the way you want to, and feel totally confident every day, no matter what life throws your way.

I know you’re a smart, savvy, stylish woman — and you became that way because you’re always eager to learn more.

Whatever you do in life, you want to master it wholeheartedly, and that includes your style journey.

You’ve broken out of your style rut, you feel more fabulous in your own skin, but you know you could go further.

You want to be braver, bolder, and feel like an expert in the way you dress, the way you shop and the way you rock your outfits, for the rest of your life.

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You’ve hit new milestones in your life, and want to upgrade your style to reflect that.
  • You feel as though you’ve got the style basics mastered, and want to find a way to go to the next level, ‘break the style rules’ and really think out of the box when it comes to what you wear.
  • There’s still a part of you that needs ‘a seal of approval’ from me as your Style Coach, and you want to be prepared to confidently go it alone!

Let’s face it: you’ve changed, grown and evolved since we worked together, and you want your style to showcase your most authentic self.

Just imagine:


  • You feel feminine, stylish and confident in everything you wear and snag that promotion as a result!
  • You get complimented by friends and work colleagues about how amazing you always look, and they’re all eager to find out your secret!
  • You and your partner have tons of fun at every social event because you’re confident, relaxed and know exactly what to wear for any occasion (and you’ve even given him some top tips too!)

You can have all of this, and more. That’s why I created Joie De Vivre — an online style program designed with you in mind — the Style Yourself Chic graduate who has mastered the style basics, and is now ready to achieve an even higher level of style and sophistication.

You’ve learned so much about who you are, and have embraced your unique self in the clothes you wear, so now it’s time to maximize on that so you can go bigger, bolder, and become the woman you truly desire to be!
Joie De Vivre

As you know, I’ve been working and developing my teaching techniques over the last 7 years as a Style Coach, and every day I learn something new. That’s because there’s always something more to take on and apply to make our lives, ourselves and our style even easier, more accessible and more exciting.

I’m so passionate about helping you to dig as deep as possible into your personal desires as well as your style desires, as that’s what truly helps you to create a wardrobe that aligns with you AND means you can dress for the woman you truly desire to become. After all, this is never just about style, but about enhancing your self-confidence, your joy, and your lifestyle!

I’m here to help you up-level and upgrade the style knowledge you’ve already mastered, to make sure you feel confident in being authentically and unapologetically YOU in every area of your life.

What is Included in Joie De Vivre?

Upon registration, you will have access to ALL 5 60-minute video modules to watch and learn on your own time. Once you start your Joie De Vivre journey, you will receive weekly emails guiding you on how to get the MOST value out of the program, including your style actions steps.

These action steps will keep you accountable to meeting your specific style goals, not to mention these are the exact steps that have helped my VIP clients get results they never dreamed possible!

Here are some of the things we cover in Joie De Vivre:

  • #1: How to Up-level Your Personal Image:

    You’ll learn how to further refine your personal style and exude confidence, style and poise in all areas of your life.

  • #2: The Secret to Understanding, Loving & Dressing Your Body Type:

    In this session, you’ll learn even MORE tricks to ensure you’re dressing to flatter your unique body type, and how to love and appreciate yourself just the way you are!

  • #3: Insider Tips on becoming an Online Shopping Pro:

    In this session, you’ll learn my secrets for purchasing everything you need & more online without wasting time or money, from how to find the best price and the best sales, to finding exactly what you’re looking for, fast!

  • #4: Color Theory 101:

    In this session, you’ll learn about color theory and how you can mix and match colors in your wardrobe and get the most wear out of the clothes you already have! You’ll be trying things you’d never have dreamed of wearing before, and they’ll fit and flatter you perfectly, too. (This alone is a complete game-changer to help you make even more outfits with ease.)

  • #5: Dressing for Special Events with Ease:

    In this session, you’ll learn how to dress for every single special occasion, so you never again have to stress about what to wear (or avoid the event altogether — I know it happens!)

Plus an extra special Free Bonus Session!

  • Secrets to Flawless Finishing Touches: In this BONUS session, you’ll learn from my favorite makeup artist and myself about all of the finishing touches you need to ensure your makeup and skin are flawless daily!

Who is the program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You’re a Style Yourself Chic graduate who wants to continue your style education. You don’t want to stop learning about how to master your style.
  • You feel as though you’ve conquered the style basics, and are ready to take your clothes, confidence and life to the next level.
  • You’ve gone through a major change in your life, like starting a new job, having a baby, or moving to a new state, and you want to leap into a fresh start with a powerful style game!
I like to think of Style Yourself Chic as Style 101, and that Joie De Vivre is the Style 102 you need to really ground your learning and go to an even deeper level, to exude confidence in your wardrobe choices and your everyday life.

It’s time for you to up-level your style knowledge, so you can feel free to dress the way you want to, and feel totally confident every day, no matter what life throws your way.

Are you ready to take the next step in your style journey?

Joie De Vivre

Only $397!


3 payments of $150

Hear what past Joie De Vivre clients have to say!

Joie de Vivre continues to be one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. This next step in my style journey has allowed me to further hone my “style chops. When I signed up for Joie de Vivre I was in the middle of some major life changes including starting a new job and moving to a new city. I was able to define my personal brand in more depth, playing with color and pattern and further curate my closet to better align with my personal style statement and personal brand. What I learned from Megan helped me move into this new phase of my life presenting my most authentic stylish self whether in a professional or casual setting. Staying connected with Megan through the Joie de Vivre Facebook group is priceless. I found value in all aspects of this program. I highly recommend investing in yourself and doing the work to deepen and strengthen your style journey. Megan and her staff are fabulous!

Participating in Joie de Vivre has really turned my life around in a way I never thought it could. I’ll be 28 in two weeks and have been compared to a pre/teen for the majority of my adult life and it took me years to figure out why…I never knew how to dress myself, fix hair or do my make up and I didn’t care about myself. And it was obvious… But Joie de Vivre showed me the light! I was hesitant to start the journey to better myself, but after some major life changes, I decided it was time to make every part of ME better. The first step: feel comfortable being me! Luckily I found and completed style Yourself Chic and loved every second of it. I learned so so so much but I wanted and needed more! Apparently I wasn’t alone — hence Joie de Vivre. JDV not only continued to build myself esteem and confidence, but also helped me find the best way to represent my personality. Now, I’m more confident, more positive and more successful professionally than I ever have been before… and it’s obvious! Here is a picture of my boyfriend at a wedding shortly after I completed JDV. I can just see the confidence and positivity beaming.

I decided to enroll in “Style Yourself Chic” after years of fits and starts trying to create and maintain a wardrobe for myself. At the end of the all-too-quick six weeks I felt that I had gained many important tools-an emerging view of my personal style, an understanding of my body type that helped me select the more flattering items out of each new season’s range of choices, a closet cleansed of items that were no longer serving me, and pointers on how to follow fashion to keep myself more current but I still wanted more. I enrolled in “Joie de Vivre” with a goal to get beyond the basics so that I could polish my looks with accessories — something had always struggled with. The program was great fun. Not only did we cover accessorizing in depth, we further refined our personal style views by discussing the brand we were trying to promote through fashion. We spent time on color theory which has made me much more confident putting together colorful looks and getting out of the black rut that is so easy to fall into! Planning for special events was another topic that I was immediately able to put into use for holiday parties and weddings. “Style Yourself Chic“and“Joie de Vivre“have been immensely helpful in building up a true wardrobe where I can go to my closet for whatever activity presents itself and quickly assemble an outfit that will have me feeling comfortable, confident, and authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does JDV start?A: Upon registration, you will have access to ALL 5 sessions, plus all of the handouts and bonus materials! You can then watch the modules at your own pace on your own time!

Q: I’m not tech savvy. Will this impede my experience or keep me from following along with the program?

A: Not at all! Just like Style Yourself Chic, watching our video modules is as easy as watching a movie on your computer or a video a friend texts you on your phone. All you have to do is click play! Of course, if you have any problems, you can always contact a member of our team for personalized tech support!

Q: How long will I have access to the “Joie De Vivre” program and videos?

A: Forever! Once you’re a member of our online community you will have access to the handouts and videos. We recommend watching the videos once a season just as a style refresher.

Q: What if I need style help after the program?

A: ‘Joie De Vivre’ has a 100% success rate, and we will be here for you every step of the way! If you would like help in the future, many of our JDV clients have gone on to become VIP clients as well, and we would be delighted to help you too!

Q: What if I have a personal style question during the program that isn’t covered in a style session?

A: Great news! Once you purchase JDV, you will have access to a JDV specific Facebook group. Similar to the Style Yourself Chic Facebook group, I am here to answer any and all of your pressing style questions throughout the program through this private Facebook group. And as you know, no question is stupid, as there is NO judgment with the JDV program and we are firm believers in making learning about style fun and approachable!

Q: What is your return policy?

A: As all of our products are digital they are deemed “used” after download or opening. This unfortunately means we have a strict no refund policy. Please contact to see how we can remedy any problems you may have with this policy.