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Pack for a Weekend Away

There’s nothing better than a weekend getaway. It breaks up the long, hot summer work days and allows one to relax and rejuvenate.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my fabulous younger sister in Washington, D.C.  Before Chelsey left to intern with JDRF we spent some time together packing up her closet for a summer away.  We mixed and matched outfits, focused on comfy/walkable yet still cute shoes, and of course stuffed as many airy, breezy sundresses into her suitcase as possible.

While for many that is quite a feat, personally I often find that packing for those weekend away trips can be more challenging. With a smaller suitcase and fewer options available, one has to be savvy about packing for a 2–3 day vacay.

I opted for a carry on suitcase for my trip, so room really was limited! Here is my Clothing & Beauty Packing List to give you an idea of how to pack with ease:

Weekend Trip

I’m personally a very visual person, so if you are too here’s a visual recap of the outfit and jewelry selections I brought and wore around D.C.…



Withe House



Happy packing!

P.S.  Feel like some one on one packing assistance would save you time and your sanity??  Well we at Southern Femme offer Packing Pro services!

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