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Mes Vacances Préférées (my favorite holiday)…BASTILLE DAY!!

Le 14 Juillet.  Bastille Day.  Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité! Why do I love France’s Independence Day?!  Well let me tell y’all!  On July 14, 1789 the French people stormed the Bastille, a prominent prison in Paris, symbolizing the beginning of the French Revolution & the end of King Louis XVI’s (his wife was the fabulous & […]

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The stunning 78 year old Carmen Dell’Orefice’s recent advertisment for Rolex   When my equally fashion-obsessed friend, David informed me that not only was the classic Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire film “Funny Face” showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art but that legendary model Carmen Dell’Orefice would be making a guest appearance my Friday night […]

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Drawing & Design by Lucy Halcomb   Living in NYC this past year has made me appreciate many, many things about where I’m from but the two that stand out the most are 1. a slower paced lifestyle & 2. my love for all things southern!  That being said it’s no surprise that one of […]

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Tasteful Americana”

Washington, DC is one of my favorite places to spend the 4th of July…the gorgeous summer weather, the historic buildings, the wide variety of amazing restaurants & the patriotic spirit that emanates from everyone & everywhere.  American pride literally oozes from every person you pass in the street.  This enthusiasm for our nation unfortunately is often displayed […]

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Richard Avedon: “One of the 10 Greatest Photographers”

One of the premier American photographers, Richard Avedon achieved extreme notoriety around the world for over 50 years for his portrait photographs.  His works are secret windows into the lives of the rich & famous all while capturing a fleeting moment in time yet still appearing effortless & sophisticated.  Avedon began his 50 plus year photography career […]

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