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Your Style Reading List

As you know here at Megan LaRussa we love nothing more than educating and empowering our community.  To further your style education and to give you a little direction in the area of style that you need guidance with I’ve provided a list of books below that I thought were vital for every femme to have in her home. These […]

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Wedding Guest Wardrobe 101

Wedding season has begun so before you start to stress over finding the perfect wedding guest outfit consider this: No two weddings are the same and no two outfits should be the same either!  A good rule of thumb to ensure you look stylish and chic at all of you upcoming summer soirées is to […]

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How to Wear Florals the RIGHT Way

One of the spring’s top trends also happens to be a very classic look: floral prints!  But while many of us femmes love a good floral, sometimes that floral garment can feel cliché or too bold if florals aren’t typically ‘your thing’.  To incorporate this trend into your spring wardrobe, no matter your style, here […]

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5 Winter Essentials Every Woman Needs

During the winter the weather can seem dreary and lackluster but that doesn’t mean your outfits have to be.  Cold weather outfits can often feel colorless and uninspiring but with these 5 essential items you can you bring life back to your winter wardrobe and look fabulous in the process! 1. A Bold Scarf  Scarves are a […]

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How to Wear White After Labor Day

Did you know that you can still wear white long after Labor Day has come and gone? That’s right! I’m debunking those little myths about white being a no-no during the cooler months, right here, right now! To discover my expert tips on rocking this neutral, and to find out where to get the perfect white pieces […]

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