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Holiday Edition: My Weekend of Outfits

Who else longs for the weekends after a busy work week? During this time of year, the weekends become busier, but the fun kind! From shopping for presents to various holiday parties, my calendar keeps getting fuller (and I actually love it!). Dressing for these occasions do not have to be tricky as long as […]

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Must-Have Shoes for Fall & Winter

Oh, Marilyn, how insightful you are! Isn’t she so right? The wrong shoe with the perfect outfit can be distracting and make you feel less confident in your entire ensemble. And how can you conquer the world if you are not feeling your very best?! Shoe trends change, and it can be difficult to keep up […]

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How to Wear Velvet

I can’t help but think of the 90’s when I think of velvet, crushed velvet to be exact. I’m an 80’s baby, can you blame me? As you know, fashion tends to be cyclical, and velvet is a huge trend this season. But how do you wear it and pull this look off? Below are 3 […]

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Megan’s Holiday Checklist

We’ve all been there before.… holiday parties, family gatherings, last minute invites. It’s that time of year!  You know it’s coming, but you don’t prepare ahead. It’s the day before your friend’s New Year’s Eve party, and you’re in a panic because you don’t feel confident in your outfit. It’s the worst! And I’m not […]

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Body Type 101

Oh, I just love your _____________.! Where did you get it?” Fill in the blank with blouse, dress, pants or whatever clothing piece you’re eying on your girlfriend. We’ve all said it, and of course meant it! But what happened when you went to that store and tried on that __________? Did it fit the […]

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