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The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Do you cringe thinking about these 2 words—“jean shopping”?

Does the thought of trying on dozens of jeans trying to find that ‘perfect pair’ exhaust you?

Are you not sure if your jeans are the right cut or color—or even a current style?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then know you are not alone as I hear these things and more all the time from my style coaching clients!

For example…

…Recently when cleansing a client’s closet this exact topic of denim came up.

We were sifting through a heaping pile of her jeans (most that she didn’t even wear anymore) and with each jean we looked at she turned to me and said, ‘well they fit, but are they even current?’.

It was an excellent question to ask because jean styles DO come and go, and even certain classic styles sometimes need to be put on the ‘keep but don’t wear now’ shelf in your closet.

This got me to thinking… if my clients are asking me these questions then other women must be wondering the same thing!  So, if you have ever wondered what type of jeans to hold on to, which ones to wear, and which ones to toss, then this week’s Style Secrets with Megan video is for you!

Thanks as always for watching and happy jean shopping!

Yours in Style,


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