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Pleasurable Weight Loss


It feels great to be back in touch with you, after taking a few weeks off over the holidays. :)

Over the past few weeks, I spent time traveling to sunny California with my family, enjoying long, laugh-filled lunches with my girlfriends, and then finally taking a one-year anniversary trip with my husband to the peaceful island of Nevis. All of these things have helped me to recharge, relax and get ready for an incredible New Year!

I hope your holiday season was also stylish, relaxing and pleasurable; and you are ready to begin 2015 in style with me!

Next week I will be kicking off the ‘Style Secrets with Megan’ video series discussing a very controversial style subject…trust me you’re going to want to watch your inboxes for this one!

But this week, I want to share something a little different with you. If you have ever struggled with your weight, or perhaps your resolution for the New Year is to lose weight, then you are going to want to pay attention.

As you may know, I lived in NYC and worked in the fashion industry before moving back to the south to start my Style Coaching business.

But you may not know this…

During my time in NYC, I gained weight, thus making me feel sluggish, unattractive, less confident, and all around ‘BLEH’. I no longer felt comfortable rocking the clothes hanging in my closet, and dreaded having my picture taken at work events as I was afraid to see myself in this heavier state. All of this was really hard, because remember I worked in an industry full of models, chic events, and fabulous clothing.

I tried every ‘diet’, and even worked out on a regular basis at the gym near my apartment. I shopped at Whole Foods, I tried to eat low fat foods, but I felt like NOTHING was working. My body just wouldn’t release this stubborn weight.

Thanks to the power of Google, I discovered a woman that has now changed my life, and helped me lose the weight I desired.

Today, I would like to share more of my story with you, and introduce you to my incredible mentor, Jena la Flamme.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jena via Skype about her feminine approach to weight loss (trust me it WORKS), and her new book (you can snag it here!) that hits bookstores this month!

If you or any woman you know desires to lose weight and keep it off (no more yo-yoing!), then watch my interview below with Jena, the woman that changed my beliefs that weight loss has to be painful, restrictive and miserable!

***To view the interview full screen, simply click the arrows symbol in the bottom right corner.**

You deserve to feel fabulous not only in your clothes, but also in your body. I hope this interview will empower and inspire you to take care of YOU.

I’ll talk to you next week when we start back up with my ‘Style Secrets with Megan’ video series!

Yours in Style,


P.S. Want to learn more about Jena’s life-changing weight loss methods? Click here to get her FREE “7 Days of Pleasurable Weight Loss” to jump start your journey to looking and feeling your best!

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