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The SH: Rain Showers

Screen-Shot-2013-10-01-at-1.19.46-AMRain Showers


Its about that time of year again when the weather can get rather nasty. Snow, sleet, rain, mist, etc.  I decided to compile a little list of rain gear after having to walk in the cold rain last week. Beware of Miss Unpredictable March and Mrs. Avalanche April. :)




Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.54.37 PM

Gucci — Rubber Rain Boot in Black, $335.00 — Available here

Take Note– The simplicity of this boot by the iconic Italian fashion house Gucci.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.54.26 PM



Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.31.20 AM

L.L.Bean - Gore-Tex Cresta Hikers, Leather in Dark Brown, $239.00 — Available here

Take Note– The rugged yet sleek outdoor look of the boot pairs nicely with fitted denim or khaki shorts.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.30.54 AM


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.35.40 PM

L.L.Bean - Bean’s Gore-Tex Cresta Hiker, Leather/Fabric in Dark Brown/Green, $229.00 — Available here

Take Note– Think of all of the fun you can have pairing looks with these green shoestrings [white, navy, and of course green will all make smashing looks].

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.35.27 PM


 Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.52.23 PM

L.L.Bean - LaCrosse AlphaBurly Pro Boots in Forest Green, $129.95 — Available here

Take Note– Your premier outdoor tall-boot that works for those nasty, rainy days where you still want to look fashionable. Khakis can complete this look.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.52.35 PM




Burberry - Check-Lined Folding Umbrella in Dark Charcoal/Burgundy, $250.00 — Available here

Take Note– The classic color — solid burgundy — paired with the — Classic Burberry Check — signature print. So unassuming!




Rains — The Long Jacket in Sand, About $106.00 — Available here

Take Note– This perfect light-weight jacket is also weather-proof. It keeps out water and wind.






Muji - The 2-Way foldable Umbrella, $27.50

Take Note– The Tech-Savvy design of this umbrella makes for a “less-wet experience” after letting down the umbrella.



Ralph Lauren

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.54.27 PM

Ralph Lauren — Water-Proof Anorak in Yellow/Gold, $495.00 — Available here

Take Note– Perfect for wearing over a sports coat or suit (Notice in Picture Above).

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.54.44 PM




Swims — Galoshes in Classic Black, About $78.00 — Available here

Take Note– The ideal way of still being able to wear your favorite pair of loafers or dress shoes without destroying them.  Also available in these colors.



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