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Style in Your 50’s, 60’s, & Beyond!

Almost all of my clients over 50 tell me the same thing when we start talking about their wardrobe and personal style.

They feel uninspired…stuck in a rut…uncertain about their purchasing decisions…and ultimately they just feel inclined to throw in the towel and give up.

Often they tell me at one point in their life they DID feel confident in their look, style and wardrobe.

Just today I was meeting with a fabulous client who shared with me that she felt most at ease in her own skin and wardrobe in her 30’s.  She is now in her 60’s and feels lost with her style and wardrobe for this stage of her life.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does, then this week’s final video in the “Style at Every Age” video series is for you!   I’m honored to share in the video a few simple tips that I teach my clients to help them get back to feeling like the best version of themselves.

Not to worry, I didn’t forget about you 50+ femmes!  I made a Pinterest board full of inspiring images just for you!  Click here to let the visual inspiration begin :)

As always, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below telling me what you are dying to learn.  I am working on some new style-packed videos and want to make sure I cover the topics you want to know about!

Have a stylish week!

Yours in Style,


P.S. I’ve partnered with J.McLaughlin to share with you my little known ways to ensure you always look current AND classic at every age!  Click here to snag my tips!

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