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Style Icon: Lana Del Rey


Breathy, retro, seductive, and utterly bad ass.  Lana Del Rey and her music alike ooze a sultry cool flair that most female musicians will never achieve.  My taste in music is quite diverse, but one thing that trends throughout is my love for male musicians, over female. BUT Lana Del Rey breaks this trend with her amazing singles ‘Born to Die’ and ‘Video Games’.  Watch her music videos for yourself (the styling is to.die.for too!)….

Lana changed her name from Lizzy Grant to Lana Del Rey (from Lana Turner & the Ford Del Rey car) to coincide with her superb Hollywood glam style meets Rebel Without a Cause.  She has even been named the newest pop pin-up for her amazing style!


Image from the January 2012 issue of W Magazine

Image from the cover of the UK mag, Wonderland

Thanks to my friend Kat, an awesome MUA/Hair Stylist, for introducing me to Del Rey at the recent CITGO shoot!

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