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Must Have Accessories

I’d like to ask you a quick question…   Do you fall into one of these 2 categories? Option 1: You have countless jewelry boxes brimming with accessories.  You very rarely get rid of anything so you have a hodgepodge of costume jewelry, some fine pieces, but mainly, a lot of stuff you don’t ever wear.  All […]

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3 Ways to Update Your Look

Working daily with women of all ages, silhouettes and lifestyles, I realized that there was one thing they all had in common–frustration over how to freshen up their look without breaking the bank! We all get bored with our wardrobe, especially at the end of the season, as we feel like we’ve worn the same pair of […]

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Easy Ways to Update your Look

With the holidays upon us and the winter weather sneaking up on us Southerners, it can be overwhelming looking stylish, staying warm, AND still having money for all those on your holiday gift list. So on my recent FOX6 Fashion Forecast segment I discussed easy & inexpensive ways to update your look this fall– ACCESSORIES!  In […]

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