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The Season’s “It” Colors & How to Wear Them

Warm and autumnal tones complemented by unexpected vibrant and bold hues are 2018–2019 winter’s main palette. These colors aren’t necessarily your traditional winter array of colors which can make them feel daunting to wear in the right way, but that’s what I am here for as your Style Coach.  Whether you’re a femme who loves […]

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My Week of Casual Fall Outfits

If a year was tucked inside a click, then autumn would be the magic hour.” — Victoria Erikson There’s something magical about fall: the changing of warm temperatures to a  fresh, crispness in the air. As a Style Coach, I thrive on nature’s beauty and all of the new hues it brings when creating outfits for clients and […]

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Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration

Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal in your home, attending one or taking a vacay, your Thanksgiving holiday attire will probably have the same theme: chic and comfortable. If you are considering pulling out that sweatshirt or sweater at the back of your closet with a turkey embroidery, step away slowly and put the item down. […]

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How to Style Black Booties 3 Ways

As a Style Coach, I teach my clients the importance of choosing items that can be worn at least three different ways, and finding a versatile shoe is important for any season of the year. No one wants a shoe or piece of clothing sitting in the closet collecting dust because of its lack of versatility. […]

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How to Wear a Scarf Stylishly

With every new season, I encourage my Style Coaching Clients to assess their wardrobes and clean out what no longer serves them, especially dated items. This helps eliminate closet clutter and allows them to see what items they really own. As we gear up for fall, the one item that I adore that helps bring […]

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