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  • The #1 reason you’re in a style rut & how to break free!
  • How to create an elevated look that doesn’t require hours spent shopping.
  • The secret truly confident women know about style!


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Now hear from REAL women that have achieved effortless style, confidence and more from Style Coaching…

The ‘Style Yourself Chic in 30 Days’ virtual program is wonderful! I enjoyed every session with Megan because the topics were interesting and informative and they addressed my specific questions about closet cleaning, shopping, jewelry, and so much more! Megan taught me about choosing pieces that made my wardrobe exactly what I wanted it to be. The program was the perfect first step in my style journey!
LIBBY, a style yourself chic attendee

I found out about Megan through a co-worker. I signed up to receive emails and began watching Megan’s Southern Femme videos. I felt like I was in rut. I was in a transition of sizes after having my second child. I also felt like I was always putting my husband and sons before me when I thought about spending money on clothes. I caught myself attending a school function for my 4 year old and not feeling like my best self in what I was wearing.

Then Megan announced Style Yourself Chic and I knew it was the program for me. I talked to my husband about it because I was concerned about spending the money. To my surprise, my husband signed me up for the program and said, “Happy early birthday!” I was so thrilled because a part of me knew I may not have taken the leap.

What is amazing about SYC is that you are on the journey with other women. I learned so much from the questions that my fellow SYC ladies asked. I still go back to the materials posted to the SYC website. I continue to use SYC FB to throw out a question. I have “graduated” from the class but I never stop learning!

SYC was the best birthday gift! Not only did I learn about style and my body type (what a game changer!), but I learned the importance of carving out time for me. I am grateful for this experience!
Janna, 35 years old

When I came across Megan’s Style Yourself Chic class I thought it was perfect for me but decided to try, one more time, to cleanse my closet and buy only “outfits”. I still couldn’t put together anything in my closet besides my “uniform” of the same few pieces. I never felt put together and I wasn’t dressed to reflect my personality or my life. I spent a lot of money and had a closet full of clothes, though I still felt I needed more clothes to make it work. This caused my husband and me a lot of stress and frustration.Taking the Style Yourself Chic class has been life changing in many ways. I learned my body type and how to dress the best for me. Megan helped me find my personal style statement, notice values, gave action steps to cleanse my closet and feel confident shopping and putting outfits together.Megan’s webinars continued the process and helped me grow personally and apply it to all areas of my life giving me so much confidence. I enjoy shopping now! Dressing is not stressful anymore! The SYC Facebook page and continued support is wonderful. This is the best gift I could give myself! No more searching for hours, spending money and not felling confident in my style! I recommend it for anyone who feels consumed with trying to dress for occasions or frustrated with where they are in their life!
KIM, 52 years old


Style Coach and Creator of Style Yourself Chic


Megan’s mission is to empower, educate and inspire women to dress for the life they desire. She has worked with hundreds of women through VIP coaching, her website, and her online style program, Style Yourself Chic, to help them look and thus feel their best by learning the language of style. Can you imagine how different the world would be if women spent less time stressing over what to wear, where to shop, and how to feel comfortable in their own skin, and more time radiating confidence and effortless style? She has lovingly guided women all over the world to live fully and stylishly, and is a firm believer in practicing what she preaches daily. Enter your information below to get her 3 free style training videos in your inbox to take your style and life to the next level.